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We will do our best to give you the service you deserve at the lowest possible cost and we promise to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Why it saves you money to have a preventative maintenance program?
There is nothing more frustrating than to have a critical piece of equipment stop working during rush hour.  With a preventative maintenance program, having your equipment checked out on a regular basis, will reduce the chances of untimely breakdowns, which will extend the life of your equipment. You will also notice that your appliances run more efficiently.  The dirt and dust that usually clogs up your equipment will be reduced.  When you setup your program, you can decide what equipment will be included and how often it is checked. 

What equipment should be on your maintenance program?
  1. Ice Machines
  2. Coolers and Freezers
  3. Fan Belts
  4. Motors
  5. Heating and Cooling Units
  6. All Filters

Why De-Lime Your Ice Machine Every 2-3 Months?
Everyone knows that there are mineral deposits, iron and lime in our water supplies.  Because of this your ice will absorb the taste and become bitter.  We recommend that your ice machine be delimed evey 2-3 month for this reason.  It is also a requirement for your warranty.